Top Socialist In Hot Water As Trump Ally Prepares To Take Him Down

There is a battle being waged for the soul of a once-strong conservative state. Back in 2018, Georgia narrowly avoided electing a far-left socialist as governor. Stacey Abrams was fighting hard to take over the state, but was sunk when photos of her burning the Georgia flag emerged. But the state was rocked once again in 2020, when suspicious activity gave its electoral votes to fraud Joe Biden. Then, two far-left candidates took over its Senate seats once occupied by Republicans.

But there is hope for the state yet. Despite overwhelming opposition by the left, Georgia passed strong election integrity this year. The reforms made could prevent Democrat-controlled counties from manipulating future elections. However, they still have top leadership who appear more interested in appeasing the left, than standing up for what’s right.

So, a new challenger has entered the race to primary against Republican Gov. Kemp. And he’s got some serious support.

Former Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) will announce plans to run in the gubernatorial primary against incumbent Republican Gov. Brian Kemp in Georgia.

Perdue was recruited to challenge Kemp by former President Donald Trump, Politico reports. He is set to formally announce his 2022 gubernatorial campaign on Monday.

Trump’s endorsement of Perdue comes after the former president harshly criticized Kemp and Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. Trump previously announced plans to campaign against both men; he thinks they failed to investigate election fraud claims in 2020. [Source: Just the News]

Next year’s elections could have a dramatic impact on the Peach State. One of the Democrats elected this year to the Senate will face a reelection battle. Radical leftist Raphael Warnock (a man outed for alleged abuse of his wife) will go head-to-head with Trump-backed Herschel Walker. And snake-in-the-grass Stacey Abrams, despite losing in 2018, is trying to take the governor’s seat once again.

It’s no secret that Abrams will try to pull the same dirty tricks next year as she and her allies did in 2020. Major changes to Georgia’s election laws, including the state’s takeover of corrupt Fulton County’s elections, will make it hard for Abrams to cheat. But you better believe the liberal establishment will do whatever it can to help her win.

A strong Republican candidate must be running to ensure she gets nowhere near the governor’s mansion. And it might not be Kemp, the incumbent. He won in 2018, enjoying a strong endorsement by President Trump. But he’s since lost favor with 45, after he refused to push election integrity last year. With Trump’s backing of Perdue, Kemp could find himself on the way out.

But how will Georgia voters decide? Will they follow Trump’s lead and nominate a newcomer or stick with the current guy? What they decide could determine who becomes the next governor.

And if it’s a radical socialist who wants to turn Georgia into San Francisco? God help them.

Author: Thomas Smith