Top Senator Warns: Biden’s ‘Better’ Bill Is Designed To Make Things Worse

Over the last year, America has been hit with one major crisis after another. Most of these problems were triggered by the Biden administration, due to a lack of skill or intelligence. Yet, despite plummeting approval, neither Biden nor his staff have tried to remedy these many issues. Instead, the “president” has been dead set on pushing a socialist takeover of our economy.

It seems Biden was only put into office to pass a radical spending bill that will destroy major industries, impose sweeping new regulations and taxes, and put millions of Americans on government welfare. Nothing else seems to matter to him, only getting this toxic bill passed. A version of it was passed in Pelosi’s House. But plenty of problems prevent it from passing in the Senate. Now, a top senator is warning another problem that will be created, if this bill goes through.

Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY), chairman of the Senate Republicans, warned during an interview on Sunday that President Joe Biden’s massive social spending agenda, known as the Build Back Better Act, would cause Americans to pay more for many things as inflation and taxes go up…

“People will end up paying more for just about everything, it will make inflation worse, taxes will go up. All the tax experts will tell us that at least a third of middle America will pay a lot more in taxes, and the impact of inflation on people’s lives now, whether you want to call it a hidden tax or not, people’s paychecks are not keeping up. People are hurting, and it’s the Biden policies that have made it worse.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Biden and Democrats have been trying to sell this bill as some kind of miracle sent from on high. They claim it’s already paid for and won’t raise anyone’s taxes, but the richest. What they don’t tell you is that it will increase our debt by 24% and that taxes will be raised on everyone but the richest. And that’s only for starters.

But why does Sen. Barrasso claim that it will increase inflation? Inflation was triggered after Biden passed his first spending bill, that “stimulus” that gave Americans more free money. That bill injected over one trillion dollars of new money into our economy. That sudden surge of cash (that nobody paid for) lowered the value of the dollar. So, things got more expensive, very quickly.

The “Build Back Better” proposal is that on steroids. Biden is going to wreak havoc with our economy, with a bill only communist Bernie Sanders could love. He will take over some industries, destroy others, ship more jobs overseas, and force potentially hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work (more so than we’ve seen last year). What do you think all that will do to our economy?

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. As Sen. Barrasso said, Biden is going to increase taxes on middle and working class families. But those rich enough to afford solar panels, electric cars, and sending their kids to private school will get plenty of tax deductions. That’s not even counting the SALT deduction, which benefits rich Democrats.

Nothing about Biden’s bill is actually going to help Americans. But it will help rich people who donated to Biden and other Democrats’ campaigns. And it will help rich globalists, who want to transfer wealth from America to other countries.

These days, that’s all the Democrats care about.

Author: James Maxwell