Top Republican Mocks Democrats’ Obvious Election Cheating

The only reason to go against Republicans’ goal of voter ID laws is to allow people to “cheat,” Texas A.G. Ken Paxton said on a radio program this Sunday.

“In reality, everyone knows you must have a picture ID,” Paxton said. “The only reason you do not want voter ID is for cheating. That’s the only possible answer for not wanting ID requirements.”

Paxton spoke of opponents’ opinion that voter ID was about discrimination, but that same theory is not given for anything else in our society.

The discrimination claim is “as fake as can be,” Paxton said.

Paxton told the show host, John Catsimatidis, that he went to argue in favor of voter ID and was forced to show his ID to board his plane, get into his hotel, and has to use his ID to enter into the court to make his case for voter ID laws.

“The only objection they use is that it was discriminatory,” Paxton said. “It’s not discriminatory, everybody understands you must have a photo ID,” Paxton said.

“They must have one to get state and federal benefits,” he said.

“And everyone said that would suppress voters, photo ID, but the reality was participation increased.”

Republicans also noted that the pandemic vaccination drive by the Biden White House required a photo ID to get a free vaccine, saying that Democrats did not care for the supposed discrimination in that program.

Author: Steven Sinclaire