Top Officer Exposes The January 6th “Purge” Happening Now

If the Dems and the media want to take advantage of the suicides of four policemen who were on duty during the Jan. 6th protest and turn them into a political issue, a 29-year police veteran says they may not like what they get.

Last week, Washington’s Metro Police Dept. announced Officer Kyle DeFreytag and Officer Gunther Hashida, who was a part of the U.S. Capitol Police force on Jan. 6, had both passed away in July. According to the dept., both officers killed themselves.

“We are unable to connect the officers’ deaths to January 6 events,” dept. spokeswoman Kristen Metzger stated.

In reporting about these suicides, many outlets appended the testimony of Capitol Police Officer Harry Dunn, who went before the Dem-led House subcommittee on the Capitol Hill Protest.

“Over six months later, Jan. 6 is still not over for me,” Dunn said. “I know many other officers are still hurting physically and emotionally.”

Dunn said he would get counseling “for the emotional trauma of that event” and urged his fellow officers to the same.

The strange timing of Dunn’s testimony with news of the suicides of DeFreytag, Hashida, and two other officers implies causality, of course. For Sgt. Betsy Smith — a 29-year veteran of the Chicago police force and spokeswoman for the NPA (National Police Association) — she demands to know where these media outlets were when officers were getting “vilified” for a whole year.

Smith also noted that suicide is tragically common among police officers, even during the best of times.

“We do not know why these officers took their own lives. Police officers witness horrible things every day from the second they leave the police academy. We don’t know why any officer kills themselves unless they give a letter saying why they did it and most do not,” she said.

“None of these officers left a note. And that is why it’s important we don’t make assumptions, and we don’t politicize this. We don’t know why they did it.”

Smith then said that police are turned away by the fact that liberals are suddenly concerned about police officers.

“That’s what officers around the nation is finding so distasteful about all of this … that one riot in one location, and suddenly police suicide is huge deal for Democrats,” she said.

“No one is discussing the other officers who killed themselves. The politicization of this is completely abhorrent.”

Author: Blake Ambrose