Top Doctor Reveals What Fauci Is Really Interested In — It’s Not Stopping Covid

Dr. Marty Makary, a researcher and doctor at Johns Hopkins, stated the NIH paid for “257 grants for social disparities” connected to COVID-19 “but only four” on the viruses spread.

Makary discussed things with Drs. Peter Attia on his podcast, The Drive, published this week, in which he stated:

“We just did a study about NIH research funding last year. Under five percent went to coronavirus research. Three months into the covid pandemic, 0.05 percent of the NIH’s budget was used for COVID research. The average time for them to allow a grant was five months to pay for a team to start the needed research.”

He said, “Two-hundred-fifty-seven grants were given on social disparities with coronavirus — but only four about how it spreads, and one about masks which has not even been released yet. So the most basic questions that doctors need evidence for, that was not being done.”

The Biden White House regularly framed “equity” among demographic groups along racial lines as a political priority. (Although no word about why white American farmers were prevented from obtaining covid-19 relief aid because they are white.)

Makary stated that the NIH failed to investigate basic issues about COVID-19. He said:

“We were all getting questions — How does the virus spread? Do masks work? How long were you contagious for? Can you spread it pre-symptomatic? – All the basic issues of COVID, we don’t have answers, because our huge $4.2 trillion dollar medical system could not do the basic research. I remember Peter Attia even did a video about, ‘Somebody please study this.’ We were all saying this. Labs were mostly down because there was no PPE.”

“The NIH was not able to pivot their $42 billion dollars to answer the questions fast. … We had a vacuum of scientific data, and all the doctors on the front lines without this data to really answer the questions, and that is when the groupthink started, and guess what filled the vacuum? Political opinions.”

Author: Blake Ambrose