Top Democrat Wants To Make It Legal To Assault Uncooperative Americans

Longtime advocates for far-left Democrats and extreme policies Al Hunt and James Carville really have only had it with unvaccinated American citizens.

They do not have the patience for Americans who have chosen not to get vaccinated.

And now they wish for the government to ban unvaxxed people from interstate travel and to create laws that will allow the morally better vaccinated people to engage in real physical violence on their unjabbed fellow Americans.

During an episode of their internet podcast “Politics War Room,” Hunt and Carville admitted — and seemed to empathize the idea — that that population has only said “f*** it” when it comes to coronavirus restrictions.

But that does not mean they are OK with citizens being allowed to select whether they get vaccinated or not.

Replying to a listener’s question about President Biden barring the unvaccinated people from interstate travel, Hunt stated he “would not be against that at all.”

“I would be for it, as long as you include ‘or testing,'” Hunt said. “Before you get on a bus or plane or interstate train, you should be tested or vaccinated.”

He quickly said, “I do not believe the Supreme Court would allow President Biden to do that.”

Carville agreed and then gave his dream idea: Government-supported violence against unvaccinated “piece of s**t” Americans.

“I wish what they would pass a law to make you immune from legal liability if you punch an unvaccinated person in the face, which I would really like to do,” the famous Dem. operative said.

“If you ask me what is my first reaction to you if you are not vaccinated and you do not have any medical reason, you are a piece of s**t, OK?,” Carville said. “I just want to punch you in your goddamned face.”

“That is how I look at these people,” he said.

Did Hunt try to go against Carville’s crazy talk? Nope. He simply replied with, “Agreed.”

This shows how extreme Democrats are and it shows their deep hatred for anyone who thinks different or has other beliefs. In many ways it proves that Democrats’ beliefs about Republicans are actually projection.

Author: Scott Dowdy