Top Democrat Turns On His Own Party – Exposes The Major Flaw In Their Plans

Over the last year, you’ve probably heard a lot about Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin. The West Virginia lawmaker has played the role of spoiler for the radical left in the Senate.

Manchin, along with few others, has refused to support Democrats’ plan to eliminate the filibuster. This one rule prevents Schumer and company from forcing their toxic plans through Congress. Without the filibuster, Biden would have already plunged into trillions of new debt. Taxes would have already shot through the roof. And Democrats would have destroyed our elections with their “For the People Act.”

So, you can imagine why the left is fighting so hard to eliminate the filibuster. They have launched targeted campaigns against Democrats who oppose them, including Joe Manchin. He was recently pressed, once again, if he’ll support killing the filibuster.

And he brought up a few points his leftist colleagues are too stupid to realize.

Sen. Joe Manchin, the independent-minded Democrat from Trump-loving West Virginia, continues to play the spoiler to liberals who want him acquiesce to changing the filibuster so Democrats can pass a bill federalizing elections…

“I was here in 2013 when it was called a carve-out,” he said. “We’re just going to do the Cabinet for the president, and then it went into, we’re going to do the judges who are lifetime appointments for circuit and district…

2017, Mitch McConnell’s in control, comes right back in, and guess what? That carve-out worked to really carve us up pretty bad. Then you got the Supreme Court, OK, so there’s no stopping it.” [Source: Just the News]

Manchin reminded his Democrat colleagues that they got rid of the filibuster for cabinet positions and court appointments. When they had the majority during Obama’s day, they “carved out” exceptions to the filibuster rule for these two areas. Back then, Republicans warned them what might happen.

They didn’t listen, and they lost out eventually. Those “carve out” rules helped Republicans speedily appoint a record number of judges for Donald Trump—including three Supreme Court justices who gave the court a 6-3 conservative majority.

Getting rid of the filibuster has obviously hurt Democrats in the past. Yet they are so stupid, so blinded by their lust for power, they want to get rid of the rule entirely.

Manchin is warning them that, if they do, they will regret it once Republicans regain power. It seems Democrats can’t foresee a day when Republicans flip Congress. Or, they are so convinced their election bill will so fundamentally alter our elections, that they will never lose a race again.

Either way, they are fooling themselves. Democrats can’t dream of a time where their own terrible decisions will come back to hurt them. Even though it happens every time.

Manchin seems to be the only Democrat (aside from Sen. Sinema) who sees this danger. They hate him for going against the tide, but he is really saving their skin. By keeping the filibuster in place, he’s ensuring that the next time Democrats are in the minority (like next year), they will have a voice in the Senate.

And for that, the left hounds and slanders this man. So much for gratitude.

Author: Matthew Johnson