Top Democrat Governor Is Inches Away From Being Recalled

The campaign for the recall of the DNC Gov. of California, Gavin Newsom, which is about his extreme reaction to coronavirus seems to be gaining steam.

The petition to recall the Governor now has 828,000 citizen signatures. With 1.5 million required for the issue to be on the ballot. Randy Economy, an adviser to “Recall Gavin Newson”, the official movement organization says this time it different because Newsom has done much more to put himself deeper into the hole of controversy by shutting down CA’s economy. Which is 5th in the world. And holding people hostage while he is out having private dinners.

Economy went on to say people are turning on Newsom for three reasons. His own mistakes, his record and his complete disaster of governorship for over a year.

As for people who are fed up… BPR has put out a  shocking video. In this video, you see a California restaurant owner going toe to toe with state health officials as they threatened to shut his livelihood down.

The enraged business owner shouted “who is going to pay my rent”.

Yet another video on Tuesday, emerged of a person who shouted with a bullhorn against Gov. Newsom’s dictatorial lockdowns inside of an L.A. Costco.

California man sounds off over Gov. Newsom’s lockdown. Tells people in LA Costco that it’s time to ‘stand up.’

Mr. Economy says “We have support,” and shows hope that those 828,000 people can grow to the required 1.5 million. But said they were in need of money. Then asked for $20 or $50 donations. Saying most of their contributions are from working Californians who are fed up with Newsom’s tactics.