Top Democrat Accused Of Depraved Crime

New York’s Andrew Cuomo is not the only Democrat in trouble for nursing home deaths in the early stages of the pandemic, with a prosecutor signaling that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer could also be facing criminal charges over the issue.

The Macomb County prosecutor, Peter Lucido, told reporters that if it was discovered that there was “reckless endangerment of a person’s life” or “willful neglect of office,” there could then be criminal charges.

Governor Whitmer, who has faced heavy criticism from Michigan’s Republican led legislature for her mismanagement of the pandemic, called the investigation into her “political.”

“The administration’s policies aligned with CDC guidance, and we prioritized covid testing of nursing home staff and residents,” the statement said.

“Early in the covid pandemic, the state acted quickly to create hubs with isolation units and enough PPE to stop the spread of covid within a facility. Also, we have allowed all nursing home residents to get the covid vaccine on a priority basis.”

But just last week, Charlie LeDuff, a journalist, told reporters that he is suing Michigan’s governor after attempting for months to get answers on deaths in nursing homes linked to covid-19.

Whitmer has been among the nation’s most controversial governors during the pandemic, imposing the strictest lockdown in the country on Michigan’s residents without involving the legislature.

Republicans and some Democrats have called her restrictions an abuse of power, leading to the legislature winning a court case that removed her emergency powers.