This Video Is The Last Straw — America Wants Biden Gone

A crying and abandoned minor was one of the latest videos to come out of the increasing crisis along America’s border. This week, reports about the boy came out. They said an agent driving the Rio Grande discovered the 10-year-old walking along a road in Texas.

The Nicaraguan boy said he woke to find that the group he was traveling with had left him. He was brought to a border patrol location where he was cared for. Border Patrol called this a “common” occurrence and said traffickers often leave kids in remote places with no care for their well-being.

The Biden White House, however, has refused to call the flood of illegals a “crisis.” Instead, his team has referred to it as a “challenge” or “situation.”

This lack of messaging might be the thing to sink the Biden presidency when it comes to the problem of the forced-flooding of America with immigrants. The new Hill-HarrisX poll shows that 44 percent of voters believe Biden has responsibility for the surge. This was compared to the 28 percent who placed the blame on Trump.

Despite the pressure to acknowledge the issue, Biden has not addressed it.

“Right now, [Biden] and his administration would rather discuss anything other than the border,” Ballotpedia Editor Scott Rasmussen said. “They are happy to discuss the MLB game, they’re happy to talk about coronavirus and infrastructure spending because these issues have some level of support.”

Officials in Texas have labeled the crisis “overwhelming” and said they have never had so many illegals trying to force their way past the Rio Grande River. The GOP has pressed DHS officials on why illegals are being released into the country without documents or hearing dates.

According to the latest reports, border agents have started releasing families in an attempt to ease pressure on the agents and facilities. The practice reportedly started in late March. With agents saying they stopped giving court notices because preparing documents can sometimes take hours.

Author: Scott Dowdy