Things Are About To Get a Lot More Violent In America

In expectation of a potential violent clash between right-wingers and Antifa this past Sunday afternoon, Portland officials told the public they would not interfere.

Chuck Lovell, the Portland Police Chief, said his police officers will not interfere even if Sunday’s expected groups fight, FOX12 Oregon said.

“I understand the optics,” Chief Lovell said. “But we must make tactical choices that allow us to be successful in making arrests. To the extent we are able, we will conduct arrests after something happens or if it is possible to make one another time, we will do it.”

Sunday’s protest was scheduled on the one-year anniversary of the violent fight between pro-Trump groups and Antifa rioters that left Trump supporter Aaron Danielson murdered. Danielson was shot and killed after being hunted down by Antifa.

Police later named the killer as Michael Reinoehl. The suspect was later shot and killed by police.

Seeming to address the right-wing groups expected to show this Sunday, Mayor Ted Wheeler stated that, “Hate groups have no place within our town. Violence has no place here. Bigotry has no place within our community. Racism must be pushed out of our city, state, and nation,” KGW NBC8 said. The mayor seemed to not mention Antifa directly.

Police Chief Lovell’s remarks about not intervening in protests come as the city’s Rapid Response Force all resigned back in June in protest over not having the support for police by city leaders.

The Portland Police Bureau also tweeted that officers will “give safety direction and information to protestors and bystanders through a loudspeaker.”

Independent Reporter Andy Ngo sent out a tweet saying that Antifa was planning for violence directed at Sunday’s patriotic conservative rally. He said that antifa are openly talking on Twitter about the right uniforms to wear to escape being identified.

Antifa has long been known to be an Anti-White hate group with violence tendencies toward anyone white and conservative. While Democrats ignore their existence and solely focus on Trump supporters in their “White Nationalist Terrorist” narrative, Antifa has been terrorizing many parts of the country, including Portland, for many years.

Author: Steven Sinclaire