The War Between Warren And Musk Just Took An Even Nastier Turn

Not too long ago, far-left “Democratic” socialist Elizabeth Warren took to Twitter to criticize iconic businessman Elon Musk. She attacked the job-creator and innovator, claiming he was leech on American society. Musk refused to ignore her attacks and fought back.

How did the senator respond? Did she reach out to Musk for an open and engaging dialogue? Did she arrange a debate, so the two figures could discuss their differing views? Nope! She spent thousands of dollars on Facebook ads attacking Musk, spreading a blatant lie that he does not pay taxes.

Now, the famed businessman is fighting back.

“She struck first,” Musk said. “Obviously. She called me a freeloader and a grifter who doesn’t pay taxes, basically. And I’m literally paying the most tax that any individual in history has ever paid this year, ever.”

“And she doesn’t pay taxes, basically at all. And her salary is paid for by the taxpayer, like me,” Musk continued. “If you could die by irony, she would be dead. If irony could kill.” […]

All six ads feature a graphic that included a black and white picture of Musk, calling him in red a “FREELOADING BILLIONAIRE,” claiming that he “AVOIDS TAXES” and that he “MADE OVER $200B IN THE PANDEMIC.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Does being a socialist mean you have to be stupid and dishonest? Warren called out Musk, saying a man who runs several companies, employs thousands of Americans, and supplies valuable products to consumers was a “freeloader.” Um… what? In what way does that make him a freeloader?

She then proceeded to spend thousands on ads that claimed he “avoids taxes.” Wow. Musk admitted that he paid more taxes than any American has in history.

Warren, on the other hands, like many wealthy Democrats, goes out of her way to find loopholes to avoid paying taxes. Not only that, but as a bloated, selfish, egotistical D.C. politician, she does nothing and collects and large paycheck, paid for by the American taxpayers. So, who is really the freeloader?

It’s particularly odd that Warren decided to start this feud. Musk didn’t call her out or attack the government. This Democrat just took it upon herself to criticize Musk, without knowing a single thing about him. She must have Googled “richest American,” got his name, and started firing.

Warren is very similar to her counterpart in the House, AOC. These socialists waste time on social media spreading their false propaganda, thinking Americans are dumb enough to buy it. But the second they are proven wrong with basic facts and data, they lash out like spoiled children.

Sen. Warren thinks she can turn Americans against Musk, a man who has helped improve society in numerous ways. A man who uses his wealth to help Americans succeed. What has Warren done with her wealth? Has she launched revolutionary companies, innovated green technology, or inspired people around the world?

Of course not. She simply wants to steal the wealth of hard-working Americans to make her and her buddies rich.

She better clam up before she gets herself into trouble.

Author: Tim Jones