The Return Of The Mask Policy Sparks Nationwide Rebellion

Since the start of early Spring, America has slowly come back to life. As vaccines reached critical mass, more and more Americans feel better about returning to normal. Most states have lifted their abusive, unconstitutional lockdown measures. We are even seeing a return of movie theaters, sporting events, and concerts.

But wait! Something called the “Delta variant” is spreading across the globe! Like most viruses, COVID-19 can mutate in various ways. From all studies, these variants aren’t any more deadly or problematic than the strains we have seen before. And all studies prove that vaccinated Americans are safe from all forms of COVID-19.

That hasn’t stopped some people, who apparently miss the good old days of misery and bondage, to call for a return to masks and cowering under our beds. The usual suspects, like fraud Fauci, think we need to wear those face diapers forever.

But some experts are rightfully pushing back.

As the Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus spreads around the world and within the United States, some in the U.S. are pushing to bring back health measures from the peak of the pandemic, like mask-wearing, even for vaccinated people…

But other experts say the concern about the Delta variant is overblown and returning to strict health measures could be harmful. Johns Hopkins School of Medicine professor Dr. Marty Makary told Fox News that guidance like Los Angeles’ “sends the wrong message” for increasing vaccination levels…

“At this point, everyone at-risk has had the opportunity to get vaccinated,” Makary continued. “Those who are not immune are choosing to do so at their own personal risk.” [Source: Fox News]

I think it’s safe to say Americans are done being told what to do over COVID-19. For over a year, the medical industry has been politicized to push fear and hysteria over a flu-like virus. Now that the vaccines have reached all corners of the country, some semblance of common sense is returning.

As Dr. Makary explained, the vaccine has been effective at stopping the spread. And those who should always be concerned are those with weak immune systems. They are free to get vaccinated and if they don’t, it’s their own choice and risk.

Why should that have been different at any other time? Why did we allow the government to impose unconstitutional limits, when health was always our responsibility?

Yes, Anthony Fauci is calling for people to wear masks again. But Anthony Fauci is a government official who has long ago torched his credibility to appear on TV and push politics. His ever-changing opinion is rapidly falling on deaf ears.

Los Angeles County can say whatever it wants. Free Americans are done living in fear.

Get vaccinated. Don’t get vaccinated. Do what you want.

Just don’t let the media and the government tell you how to live.

Author: Sam Westmore