The GOP Will Cease To Exist By 2045, See Why…

Durbin stood up and said what has been clear to everyone for decades, and many Republicans have been labeled racist for just pointing it out.

“The demographics of the country are not on the side of the GOP. The new voters in this nation are going away from them and away from Trump, away from the creed that their party preaches,” Durbin said.

The liberal senator’s disturbing speech can be seen here:

For years, Democrats and their friends have denied they are changing demographics in America for the purposes of a large political takeover. But as they get nearer to their end goal, they are getting more bold in admitting their long-term plan to destroy White America.

We have reported on how Democrat agents have admitted that white replacement is their end goal and that their agenda will allow permanent DNC dominance:

“Liberal activists are allowing the mask to slip, and admitting their plan to use immigration to replace white people and create a voting group that will bring in radical socialism.”

“Panelists admitted this demographic agenda during their We Are Democracy Conference. Guests of the conference were talking about social issues and speaking about strategies on spreading their liberal agenda.”

“So that when 2045 gets here, that we actually won’t have to suffer from what other nations like South Africa went through, which is them having the people but not having any power,” stated Judith Dianis, who is the director of the Advancement Project.

“People claim that demographics aren’t destiny. Well, we are trying to make them destiny so that is the work that we’re doing,” she added to a reply of “Amen!” from former Obama admin. official Stephanie Valencia, a leader on the panel…

Dianis’ Advancement Project is a group steeped in social justice speech. They push their top issues as being voting rights, immigrant justice and police reform.

Conservatives must accept this agenda and get more bold in stopping it, or they will quickly lose all that they hold dear, and the South African White Genocide dystopia will be reaching the United States.

Author: Scott Dowdy