The Future Of The Democrat Party is Bleak — Here’s Proof

Despite the mainstream media’s best attempts to make fun of claims of 2020 election fraud, like Trump’s “the Big Lie., one-third of Americans believe Biden beat Trump “only because of voter fraud.”

Wha’s more, as Democrats, the current president, and their media allies group up to hit voter ID as an intimidation tool, a whopping 80% want it.

And the latest poll from Monmouth University on elections and voting said that the nation is divided on mail-in ballots, one of the big differences between Washington and state governors and legislatures.

“The continuing attempts to question November’s elections is worsening the partisan division in ways that could cause long-term problems for Democracy, even if most American citizens do not view it that way right now., said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth Polling Institute.

The new poll is a good sized hit to the liberal narrative that the public wants expanded and easy access to voting and does not believe fraud reports relating to the 2020 election process.

Monmouth revealed their most notable find was that 8 in 10 people want voter ID. And only 18% are against it.

Next was a third of people saying they believe Trump lost due to Democratic election fraud. Said the analysis:

“One-third (32%) of people believe that Biden’s victory was due to fraud – a number that has not changed since November. At first look, it seems like the number of ‘GOP members’ who believe this has been going down while the amount of independents who agree has gone up. However, this seems to be a product of a change in how GOP members identify themselves, with some changing their affiliation from Republican to ‘independent’ who leans partisan. When all GOP identifiers are grouped, the number who think Biden won only due to voter fraud has been somewhat stable. Also, 14% of Americans say they will not accept Biden as their president, including 29% of Republicans and Republican leaners.”

Author: Scott Dowdy