Texas Republican Exposes Biden’s Orwellian Database Of Americans

On Jan. 31, 2022, reports came to light that the ATF is admitting to having a federal database of around one billion gun transfer records.

This data was published in reply to a message that Texas lawmaker Michael Cloud sent to the agency back in Nov.

“A federal firearm gun registry is banned by the law. Yet, the Biden White is again going around the U.S. Congress and enabling the very corrupt ATF to have this database of almost a billion gun transfer data records,” Rep. Cloud said.

“The Biden White House continues to help and empower criminals and foreigners while threatening the freedoms of law-abiding American citizens. It is shameful and this White House should reconsider its continued assault on peaceful American gun owners,” Cloud said.

The ATF is the enemy to all American gun owners. It is an unaccountable and unconstitutional bureaucracy that is in no way accountable to the will of the American voters. For this reason, it should be exposed.

This is the first step to build a grassroots movement that supports politicians who will ultimately seek to remove the ATF from Washington. Because this is one agency that should be axed very quickly.

It should also be noted that the ATF does always seem to focus on white Americans for their anti-gun actions and creepy databases. While they seemingly ignore Mexican MS-13 and other street gangs who possess real illegal firearms and whom nobody wants to be armed, except maybe Democrats themselves.

It’s about time someone really question the leaders of the ATF about this difference in policing. Same as the FBI when it comes to the riots in the summer of 2020 compared to the protest turned riot later that year during the certification.

The powers that be seem to be solely focused on white people in a schizophrenic way. They really do believe nazism is returning. This is terrifying when you ask yourself: what is justified when it comes to stopping nazis from gaining power? The answer is anything. And that is the position we are in. They will do anything to stop conservatives from winning elections.

Author: Scott Dowdy