Texas Pulls a Fast One On Democrats – Shortages May Be Coming To An End

Democrats have been gunning for Texas for years. They have tried as hard as they could to flip the historically conservative state blue. But, try as they might, they continue to fail. In fact, signs indicate that the state is becoming more conservative. Biden’s failures on the border have motivated South Texas towns to elect Republicans for the first time.

Texas led the way to open up and end lockdowns last year. It’s freedom-first approach has attracted countless Americans who fled Democrat-run states over thanks to their mandates and crippling restrictions. Famed CEO, Elon Musk fled California, bringing two of his companies with him. Now, another major company announced a partnership with the Lone Star State.

Samsung will build a $17 billion semiconductor factory in Taylor, Texas — marking the largest foreign direct investment in the state’s history.

The investment comes as a global computer chip shortage threatens American businesses, especially in the automobile industry…

“Companies like Samsung continue to invest in Texas because of our world-class business climate and exceptional workforce,” said Governor Abbott. “Samsung’s new semiconductor manufacturing facility in Taylor will bring countless opportunities for hardworking Central Texans and their families and will play a major role in our state’s continued exceptionalism in the semiconductor industry.” [Source: Daily Wire]

The chips being made will be used for “mobile, 5G, high-performance computing (HPC), and artificial intelligence.” This announcement comes as the world struggles with a semiconductor shortage that is crippling the car industry. So, not only will Texas score thousands of new jobs, but it is helping end a crisis that is hurting the entire planet.

According to the announcement, the project will create over 2,000 high-tech jobs, numerous indirect jobs (throughout the local community), and at least 6,500 construction jobs. This comes as Biden has tried (and failed) to get businesses to start investing in American labor. Biden is struggling to reward labor unions for their support during the election.

His toxic policies and mismanaging of the economy have reduced the number of opportunities union workers have. Yet Texas, a state Biden has routinely attacked and criticized, is bringing in the jobs.

Pretty ironic, isn’t it? Gov. Abbott was able to do this without the help of the Biden administration.

It’s no mystery why Samsung chose Texas over California or other tech “hubs” in the United States. Democrat-run states continue to jack up taxes, fines, and regulations. It is becoming harder and harder for companies to do business in blue states. In some cases, they can’t even build a facility. On top of that, quality workers are fleeing to Texas. Why would Samsung waste billions of dollars to build a factory that will end up empty?

The rest of the country would do well to learn from Texas’ victory. Not that California or New York will learn anything.

Author: Michael Jones