Texas Lawmaker Pushes Secession Movement Forward

Texas state rep. Kyle Biedermann (R-Fredericksburg) has put forth a bill that would allow the people to decide secession.

The bill, House Bill 1359, would put forward a referendum with the question: “Should lawmakers of Texas create a plan for leaving the USA and establishing an independent republic?”

To boost his idea for secession, Biedermann is saying there are “signs that the Texan Republic would not just survive, but thrive as an independent country.”

“Voters of all political sides in Texas can agree that D.C. is broken,” Biedermann stated in his press release. 

“Our government fails our seniors, families, taxpayers, business owners and veterans. For decades, the possibilities of America and our civil rights have been diminishing,” he continued.

“It is time that Texas is allowed the right to choose its own fate. This is not a right or left political topic. Let Texans Decide!” Biedermann added.

Biedermann is summarizing the bad situation the country is in after President Donald Trump did not stop the election fraud that resulted in his presidency being stolen by Joe Biden. He was among the many peaceful protesters who went to DC on Jan. 6.

“The republic is dead. We all hoped that President Trump would do some magic. And we know the election was stolen,” he claimed during a virtual event with the Texas Nationalist Movement.

Biedermann’s push is beginning to spread to more states whose leaders are starting to doubt the legitimacy of Washington. Wyoming GOP chairman Frank Eathorne has been agreed with Biedermann’s secession movement.

“We need to stay on the fundamentals. We are watching global events, but we are also focused here at home. Many states can be self-reliant, and we’re keeping watch on Texas, and the possibility of secession there. They have different constitutional wording than us, but it’s something we are all watching,” Eathorne said.

With sky-high levels of corruption coming from D.C., more states are starting to see a national break-up as a possible solution. The Founding Fathers would likely agree with these plans without hesitation.