Texas Governor Punishes Democrats In The Worst Way Possible

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) refused funding for the Texas legislature, going through with a threat he gave last month after Democrats went through with a walk-out to stop legislation.

Democrats inside the Texas House walked out of the chamber last month, breaking quorum and stopping the GOP from enacting election reforms, as well as bail reforms that Abbott wanted, according to news outlets in the state. After the stunt, Abbott promised to defund the branch for “abandoning their duties.”

“Texans do not run from a legislative battle, and they do not ignore unfinished business., Abbott said in a comment Friday. “Funding should not be given to those who quit their job, leaving Texas with unfinished business and causing taxpayers to pay a higher cost for another legislative session. I therefore disapprove of these appropriations.”

Governor Abbott vetoed Article 10 of the Texas budget. This measure not only gives money for lawmakers’ salaries, but also pays the salaries of maintenance workers and staff, and it gives money to legislative groups like the Legislative Reference Library.

Abbott’s refusal of Article 10 is unprecedented, according to some. Likewise, the Democrats’ walk-out to stop a law that was set to pass is also unprecedented in Texas politics.

Texas state Congressman Chris Turner (D), who leads the Democratic caucus within the House, said that the Governor’s action might be unconstitutional, and said he intends to fight Abbott’s administration in court over the move.

“Texas has a governor, not a dictator. This veto is the latest sign that Gov. Greg Abbott is out of control., Turner said in a comment.

Governor Abbott has asked legislators to join a special session to work on enacting legislative priorities.

“I want legislators to have worked out differences before returning to the Capitol so they can work quickly to pass legislation about these items and other vital legislation., he said in a comment last month. “During this special session, we will keep advancing policies that put the Texans first.”

“This session we enacted legislation to support our police, secure out border, expand gun rights and protect life., he said. “It was among the most conservative sessions we have ever seen. But, there is more to do to ensure a better future for Texas. Election integrity is a must-pass crucial item. I expect legislators to work things out before the special session.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire