Texas Governor Infuriates Liberals With a New MAGA Project

GOP Texas Governor Greg Abbott informed reporters that his State will immediately start building barriers in places where migrants can easily get across the border with Mexico. These barriers will help state police arrest illegals for violations of state law.

“The influx through the border is out of control, and the Biden White House has shown it will not step up and do the right thing,” Governor Abbott said shortly before Thursday’s border meeting in Del Rio, Texas. “And as reports of yet more people getting across the border, we know we must step it up and do more.”

Abbott said Texas will start building border barriers in places like Del Rio where illegals can easily get across unsecured areas. The governor chose Del Rio for his Border Summit because of the massive increases in illegal crossings. Del Rio Sector agents caught 27,890 migrants — a 1,118 percent uptick over the May 2020 numbers of 2,289.

“We are here because of the huge increase,” the governor said. Border crossings used to be very “concentrated within the Rio Grande Valley,” he said. “Now the Del Rio sector is getting some of the worst increases.”

He said they are getting reports from local law enforcement and elected officials that they are witnessing things never seen before.

“They are seeing a lot of dangerous people coming across the border,” Abbott continued.

“Bad things are happening, and so they require help from the state to solve this crisis.”

The governor said officials will use the current state laws with the State of Emergency authority given this month to crack down on these illegals.

“What Americans have seen in videos across the nation seems to be the Biden White House welcoming these people into the country,” Abbott said. “We will not be doing that.”

Instead, the Republican warned, “If you enter Texas illegally, you are subject to getting arrested. You are not going to use us as a path to roam the nation. You are going to have a path right into a jail cell.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire