Terrorism Strikes DC — Liberal Media Desperately Keeps It Quiet

The man who was killed recently while attacking barricades around the Capitol has been named and identified as 25-year old Noah Green.

Green was an avid follower and devotee of the Nation of Islam, a group linked to Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan is well-known for supporting anti-White and anti-Jewish beliefs.

Green’s Facebook profile shows him as a “follower of Farrakhan.” Green’s page is also filled with content talking about his Nation of Islam beliefs.

Images of Green being taken away into an ambulance after being shot by officers surfaced shortly after the incident. Green died soon after, with a Capitol Police officer dying from injuries he got while Green’s vehicle rammed through the barricade. Another officer was also injured and hospitalized.

Green has been said to be an Indiana citizen, although photos on his Facebook page show he was connected to a Virginia community college. He spoke about losing his job in a post in March, possibly suggesting the attack might have been suicidal.

Green’s page was locked down within minutes after his identity being discovered, suggesting that Facebook itself censored it.

The situation continues to unfold, and we are closely watching for more updates.

Author: Scott Dowdy