Terrifying Vaccine Side Effects Force CDC To Call Emergency Meeting

The CDC announced late this week that it will have an “emergency meeting” on June 18th to speak about new reports of heart inflammation after receiving doses of the mRNA Moderna and Pfizer vaccines.

The new information about pericarditis and myocarditis emerged first in details given to a group of independent advisers for the FDA, who are meeting this week to speak about how the regulator should use emergency authorization for COVID-19 vaccines in young children.

As CBS has said, the CDC previously unveiled reports of heart inflammation that were seen mostly in young men and teen boys after their second dose, and that there was a “higher amount observed than expected” in cases of 16 to 24-year-olds. Last month, the CDC pushed doctors to “ask about previous vaccination” in people with signs of heart inflammation.

Does anyone else see it as weird that after seeing 800 cases in their database the “emergency” gathering is 7 days away? … and meanwhile, every health authority is encouraging parents to vaccinate their young children?

Federal officials got more than 800 reports of heart inflammation happening in vaccine recipients, it was reported on Thursday.

These reports of pericarditis and myocarditis were given to the Vaccine Adverse Event System, a system run by both the CDC and the FDA.

Authorities say that anyone can submit reports through this system but authorities have verified that 226 of these reports do meet the CDC’s definition, Dr. Tom Shimabukuro, a director at the CDC, said during his presentation about the data.

Of these 285 confirmed reports, 270 people had been discharged from the hospital and 15 were still hospitalized. Myocarditis usually requires hospital care. No deaths occurred.

The CDC said last month it was looking into reports of heart inflammation in young adults and teenagers who got the COVID-19 vaccine, although it did not take any definitive action besides reporting it would keep reviewing the cases.

Author: Scott Dowdy