Ted Cruz Humiliates Democrats For Their Latest Hypocritical Nonsense

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was on a roll Monday during Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearings. He used his opportunity to savagely assault the Democrats for their shameful past actions and promise her that Republicans would treat her more favorably and fairly than the Democrats have treated Republican nominees in the past.

“Now, what should this proceeding be? And what should it not be?” Cruz requested. “You’ve heard a number of Republicans on the GOP side make their position very clear; it will not be a political circus or a character smear, as sadistic as our Democratic colleagues have gotten quite good at,” he said before going through the Democrats’ reprehensible history.

Ted Cruz began by recalling a weekly podcast he did several years ago in which a liberal guest claimed that both Democrats and Republicans slandered Supreme Court nominees. But, Cruz observed, the individual was dead wrong. It’s solely on the Democratic side of the aisle that “Borking” someone has become a new term.

“The left has been weaponizing the Court in order to destroy it,” Cruz said. “It’s only one side of the aisle that was so disgraceful that President George H. W. Bush wrote at the time, quote, ‘What’s going on to Clarence Thomas is just plain awful.’ ‘All of these organizations who have tried to beat him up on abortion and racial preferences have now resurfaced, attempting to destroy a decent individual.’ As Justice Thomas stated in his testimony, what occurred there was a “high-tech lynching.” And I’d point out Joe Biden, the chairperson who oversaw that tragedy.”

“And then we had the Kavanaugh hearings, which were one of the lowest actions in the history of this committee,” Cruz continued. “Democrats on this committee sat on allegations—didn’t refer them to the FBI, didn’t request investigations—hid them and then leaked them against the wishes of the complainant. And we began a circus that had Spartacus moments, featuring people like Michael Avenatti.”

Despite the Democrats’ notorious history of bad behavior, Cruz assured Jackson that she would not be treated in the same way as her fellow Republicans had been. “Judge Jackson, I can assure you your hearing will not include any of that contemptible conduct. No one will ask you about your high school relationship status. No one will ask you with mocking sternness, ‘Do you like beer?’”

“But that isn’t to say this hearing shouldn’t be substantive and vigorous,” he continued. “This committee has a duty in this hearing to focus on subjects, on your record, and on substance.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire