Ted Cruz Furious That Conservatives Want To Avoid War


Texas Senator Ted Cruz has showed his true establishment colors on Jan. 5, 2021 when he said the Jan. 6 protestors were “terrorists.”As if his descent into establishment idiocy was not enough when he adopted the current regime’s prevailing narrative about January 6, he took another jump by criticizing the Joe Biden White House for its alleged plan to lower American troops within Eastern Europe.

The Texas Senator said via Twitter, “Unbelievable, and not only because of the timing. If Joe Biden was trying to show weakness & surrender to Vladimir Putin, what would he do differently?”

According to a new report by Dan De Luce, Courtney Kube,  Carol E. Lee and Andrea Mitchell from NBC News, the Biden White House is proceeding to go into talks with Russia about scaling back both United States and Russia troop military drills and deployment in Eastern Europe.

These talks will likely be dealing with the scope of military drills that both these nuclear powers have, the amount of American troops stationed within Poland and Baltic states, advanced notice about troop moves, and Russia’s Iskander missiles within the city of Kaliningrad between Poland and Lithuania.

This comes as tensions between Ukraine and Russia have reached a fever pitch, with the United States finding every way possible to get into this conflict that started in 2014. The Russo-Ukrainian War was hit by the controversial removal of then-President Viktor Yanukovych, which then led to Russian military interventions within the Crimean peninsula and the Eastern part of Ukraine.

What is happening within Ukraine is clearly an issue that those parties and the EU should handle. The U.S. should keep out of it.

However, RINOs like Cruz are stuck on neocon ideas and religiously devoted to maintaining the country’s imperial presence abroad.

One must wonder why Ted Cruz won’t devote his attention to the southern border with Mexico instead, an area that is seeming to be more and more like a conflict zone because of our porous border and its lack of focus paid towards Central America and Mexico.


Author: Scott Dowdy