Tech Overlords Infiltrate Trump’s Email — Shut It Down

Gareth Fuller/PA Images via Getty Images

Salesforce, the company responsible for Republican’s email service has blocked President Donald Trump and the GOP from using their services “in any way that could cause violence.” Trump’s campaign has not been able to send email after January 6.

Shortly before the Capitol Hill protests, the Trump campaign shared an email to its millions of followers which said “We have the TRUTH,” adding: “Every single Patriot from around the nation must step up immediately if we are to successfully DEFEND the truth of this Election. President Donald Trump is asking you to help our Official Defend America Fund.” After this, the email list has been inactive.

Vice News has said that Trump’s campaign uses technology from a company called ExactTarget to email millions of conservatives. ExactTarget is owned by Salesforce. Vice contacted Salesforce and asked if they had blocked the President from their email system. Salesforce said it had “taken action” against the GOP to “stop its services from being used to encourage violence.”

Salesforce’s statement read:

We are all very upset by the horrible events of January 6. And while we hope they never happen again, there remains a chance of violence across the nation.

The GOP has been a long-term customer, even before the current Trump Administration, and we have acted to stop its use of our services in any way that could cause violence.

Officials at the GOP told Vice that “we chose to stop raising money on all of our communication platforms, including our fundraising on Salesforce.”

A number of tech platforms have banned Trump after the Capitol Hill protests. Breitbart News recently said that the shopping company Shopify banned, a site created by the Trump campaign. The removal seems to be regarding the events in D.C.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s leader, Mark Zuckerberg put out a post saying that after the Capitol Hill “riot” and the President’s comments on social media about that event, Facebook would be blocking the President from using its platform “permanently.”

Also, news recently came out that police are awaiting for a new protest at Twitter HQ after the President’s suspension from that platform last week.