Tech Oligarch Says The Deep State Should Expand, Here’s How


The former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, has said that the Russian conflict proves the need for tech giants to help out the military-industrial complex with propaganda.

Schmidt said during his interview on CNBC this week that tech companies need to join in lockstep with globalist national security priorities from now on.

“The war will help solidify the tech companies’ understanding of why national security is crucial,” Schmidt stated.

“If you think, falsely, that 10 years ago, that war was eliminated, that conflict was stopped, we did not need militaries and so on to guard us, then you would say, ‘Let’s not partner with the government, let’s not work on this stuff.’ And I believe we’ve unfortunately put that argument away. We must have a strong national security in our nation, and the tech sector has to support it,” he said.

Schmidt said for Google and other tech companies to fill Russia with propaganda to undermine their sovereignty.

“I believe we are better off keeping them filled with information,” Schmidt stated, saying that the control of information by large tech corporations is aiding Russian citizens “see what they are missing out on.”

We have reported on Facebook’s new policy to allow terror threats on Russians as part of their sanctioned Two Minutes Hate on the nationalistic country:

“Does big tech really care about the safety of its users? Instagram and Facebook are facing criticism after a new report by Reuters revealed the two platforms are allowing “temporarily” calls for violence on Russians during the continuing crisis in Ukraine. This news comes after Putin banned Facebook from his country only days ago in retaliation for the repeated censorship that targeted many different Russian media outlets.”

Big Tech companies are now going out of their way to complete every Orwellian prophecy that we know of. The Russia and Ukraine conflict has revealed just how evil the technocratic regime will get, and the globalists are only now getting started.

It is time to fight back with everything we have or else there will be nothing left for any of us. And we all know this is especially true if you are white.


Author: Scott Dowdy