Swing State Announces Incredible New Investigation

Georgia is having an audit of vote signatures in the country of Cobb. This may grow into a statewide audit according to a state official’s Monday announcement.

Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s Secretary of State has ordered the audit in the county as of Monday. This was due to concerns over the matching process of signatures when first vote counts we carried out. The concern is that they were not processed correctly. This is from a report by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Raffensperger hinted at expanding the audit further, to include the entire state, but said Cobb County took priority because that’s where most of the concern was.

Raffensperger told the press that he felt steps should be taken to regain the public’s trust. The Journal-Constitution reported on his statements. Saying Raffensperger wanted to put all resources together to perform a signature audit  in the Country of Cobb.

This audit would canvas an important and significant group of ballots from both the general election and primary. The precursor that preceded this audit request was a complaint about the county’s matching process to verify signatures in June.

The Journal-Constitution reported the audit could unveil fraud at the signature level when matched with pre-existing files. But said this can’t be done for ballot’s which have been opened due to voter privacy rules.

President Trump is in agreement. He has continually requested a total signature audit of Georgia’s ballots sent by mail, slamming the Republican governor of the state and his staff. Georgia has conducted two recounts so far, during which they found a number of errors totaling into the thousands, but not sufficient enough to change the election in that state.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp repeated his demands for an audit of signatures. But the decision is completely up to the secretary of state.

Kemp told Fox News in an interview that he always wanted a signature audit but it’s not up to him. The secretary of state has that responsibility. But he thinks it should be done given what has been witnessed. He then went on to say the next 24 hours will be crucial for further action.

The Trump campaign called for a second recount in Georgia in November, but added the caveat that with no signature matching, all recounts seem to be shams