Supreme Court Delivers Another Loss To Power-Hungry Democrats

A NY state Supreme Court judge this Monday struck down Dem Governor Kathy Hochul’s mask enforcement mandate for public areas and schools.

“There can be no doubt that all individuals in this State wants this era of COVID to end soon and they will do their part to ensure that is done,” Judge Thomas Rademaker stated in his ruling. “However, writing laws to this end is entrusted only to the State Legislature. While the goals of Governor Hochul and Commissioner Bassett seem to be about doing what they think is right to guard the people of NY State, they must push their case to the State Legislature.”

Hochul’s masking mandate was “breaking the State Administrative Procedure Act as written and therefore is null and void and unenforceable,” the judge said, adding that it was also “breaking the Public Health Law as written and therefore void and not enforceable in law.”

Hochul replied by saying in a comment that her “responsibility as the Governor is to guard New Yorkers throughout this crisis” and that her mask mandate would “help stop the spread of COVID-19 and save people’s lives.”

She said, “We strongly disagree with the court’s ruling, and we are going for every option to stop and reverse it immediately.”

Congress-member Lee Zeldin (R-NY), who is running for Hochul’s job as the state’s governor, applauded this ruling in a comment while also taking aim at Hochul:

“We did it! A NY State Supreme Court Judge has ruled the Hochul Administration’s mask mandate is unconstitutional and breaking NY State law.”

“Only yesterday, I heard a PSA featuring an expert informing people that the CDC does not any longer recommend cloth masks. However, Governor Kathy Hochul has continued to force NY kids as young as 2-years-old to wear a masked all day long even two years into the pandemic that has hurt kids physically and emotionally. And it is not only in our schools. The incredible overreach of this cruel mask mandate depends on partial science instead of truth and has been very adversely felt in the state of New York.”

While Hochul calls New Yorkers her ‘apostles’ and says that wearing a mask all day is like wearing shoes, the fact is that NY citizens know best, despite Governor Hochul’s arrogance.

Author: Scott Dowdy