Suicides Plague Jan 6th Officials — And The Numbers Keeps Rising

Two DC police officers who responded to the January 6 riot at the Capitol were found dead from suicide, Reuters has reported, citing D.C. police.

The outlet said that the total amount of officers who responded to the Capitol protest and subsequently ending their own lives is now four.

Metropolitan Officer Gunther Hashida was discovered dead in his home last week, Reuters reported, citing a comment from dept. spokesman Hugh Carew. Hashida became a D.C. officer in May 2003, the outlet said.

Metro Officer Kyle DeFreytag, who also was among those who responded to the Capitol protest, was found dead July 10, Carew said, according to Reuters. The spokesman said that DeFreytag’s cause of death also was also suicide, the outlet said. DeFreytag was with the D.C. force since Nov. 2016, Reuters reported.

A GoFundMe page was created to pay for Hashida’s memorial and support his family and has raised almost $100,000 as of Tuesday afternoon. The page has a stated $250,000 donation goal and stressed that Hashida “leaves behind a loving wife and 3 children.”

Other police suicides following Jan. 6

In addition to DeFreytag and Hashida, the outlet said that Metro Officer Jeffrey Smith and Capitol Officer Howard Liebengood also was present at the Capitol protest and later killed themselves.

Liebengood’s widow back in March pushed for reforms to the Capitol Police, saying in a message to U.S. Democrat Rep. Jennifer Wexton (Va.) that he was then ordered to be on duty “practically 24 hours” for three days after the Jan.t 6th event and “was very sleep deprived” before his suicide on Jan. 9, CBS News said.

Smith’s wife reported that her husband was hit in his head with a pole during the events of the day and then slipped into depression, the NY Times said, adding that he was then ordered back to work eight days after and shot himself in his vehicle with his service pistol while going to his shift.

Many conservatives question the narrative of the January 6th protest and riot. These strange officer deaths, with four suicides being statistically very unlikely, seem to add more weight to claims of an ongoing coverup.

Author: Scott Dowdy