Study Proves Millions Are Preparing For The “Worst-Case Scenario” In Biden’s America

August 2021 had the second-most amount of National Instant Background Check System gun checks of any August in the history of the system.

FBI figures reveal that 2,715,223 NICS checks were done during Aug. 2021, second only to the 3,115,063 NICS which were done in August of last year.

We have noted before that July 2021 was a similar situation as 2,882,676 NICS checks were done in that month, second only to the 3,639,224 which were done in July 2020.

Those numbers were record breaking background checks for 17 months in a row, Jan. 2020 through May of 2021, with all of those 17 months breaking every possible record for NICS checks in their respective month.

In other words, January of last year saw more NICS checks than any January in the history of the system, February of last year saw more than any past February, and March of last year saw more than any past March, and so on, all the way up to May of this year.

The NICS check growth has dipped somewhat in June of this year, but still leaving the month as one with the second-largest number of NICS checks of any June in America’s record.

It is crucial to remember that the NICS checks are not an exact measure for the amount of gun sales happening, as the checks are done on the would-be buyer, and not on the gun itself. Moreover, a person can purchase more than one gun from a retail store once that person has passed the required background check. (That latter point points to the number of NICS checks possibly being lower than the amount of guns really sold, as many people to choose to buy multiple types of firearms.)

Also, some states do routine background checks on people with concealed carry permits as a way to keep oversight on any possible criminal behavior.

This large increase in gun buyers proves that Americans are worried about the security and state of the country as political tensions, the pandemic and economic conditions all worsen under Biden.

Author: Scott Dowdy