States Scramble to Lower Gas Prices, as Biden Push Green Policies

Don’t believe anything the Biden administration says about the high gas prices. Gas prices have been rising steadily ever since Joe entered office. Yes, they jumped dramatically after Russia invaded Ukraine, but don’t be fooled. We would be in a much better position today, had Biden not shut down our energy industry. His radical green policies crippled American energy production. Heavy regulations, “green” fees and fines, and outright bans have resulted in the staggering costs every American is dealing with today.

And there are no signs things will get better soon. Unless Congress can stand up to old Joe and pass legislation reversing his decisions, prices will stay high. There is no sign anyone in Congress is trying to undermine Biden’s agenda (although Democrats worked overtime to undermine President Trump’s). States have been forced to grapple with these rising energy prices. They have little recourse since this is a federal issue. But some have managed to come up with temporary solutions, that drastically reduce their revenues.

Several states have suspended their gas tax to help Americans cover soar pump prices in recent weeks.

Last week, Connecticut became the most recent state to suspend its 25-cents-per-gallon tax from April until June, following the lead of states such as Maryland and Georgia…

Lawmakers in Ohio, where gas prices have risen 21% in just the past month, are also considering such a tax cut, which if enacted could cost the state as much as $4 billion in revenue over the next half-decade…

Some states are seeing prices top $5 per gallon. In California, that number is edging toward $6 a gallon, and Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom has proposed an $11 billion relief package that would pause the state’s gas tax and provide free public transportation to residents. [Source: Just the News]

Because Biden is the one controlling our energy sector, state leaders have limited solutions to lowering gas prices. You might think that suspending the gas tax is a good idea, but it doesn’t come close to solving the real problem. Gas prices are rising because of reduced supply and higher costs of production—both the result of Biden energy policies.

Suspending a state gas tax can only get the price down so much. It will stay at an elevated point—and get higher again when the tax goes back into effect. States are doing this solely to make it look like they are doing something. Plenty of these lawmakers are up for re-election this year. They don’t want to be blamed for Biden’s idiocy.

The real injustice of this entire crisis is that America does not need to suffer. We are sitting on untapped energy. Right below our feet, we have an answer. But Biden is blindly obeying the corrupt environmentalist lobby—a group that knows full well that fossil fuels are needed if we are to survive. Shutting down the entire industry is not going to transition us to green energy any faster. It is only going to hamper innovation, stagnant businesses, and frustrate consumers. Not to mention widen the poverty gap for working-class families.

The fact that Biden doesn’t care about any of this is truly criminal.

Author: Moe Blow