State-Level Democrats Blast SOS To Biden After Citizens Revolt

Vice President Kamala Harris has stated that she intends to campaign for California Governor Gavin Newsom as he comes under a dangerous recall election.

The San Francisco Chronicle said that Harris replied with a “yes” to an inquiry from the news outlet this week about if she was leaving the Capitol.

While serving as a United States senator from California, Harris attempted her own Democratic presidential primary attempt during the previous election cycle but ended up suspending her presidential campaign. Before serving in the United States Senate, Harris was the attorney general of California and the district attorney of San Francisco.

Newsom, who has been the governor of California since 2019, is currently coming under a recall election that might end in his ejection from the office over a year before his term is marked to end in Jan. 2023.

There were over 1.7 million signatures on state petitions to recall Newsom as governor, which surpassed the total needed to qualify for a recall election to be triggered.

On the ballot, the voters will be asked if Newsom should be removed, and they will be allowed to select from a range of candidates looking to replace Newsom.

If most of these voters say that Newsom should be removed from office, the opponent with the highest vote count will become the new governor.

Many candidates have tossed their hats into the race, which means that if California voters decide to remove Newsom, the votes for who will replace him will be split among many directions and the winner could win with only a small fraction of the vote, according to the AP, which means that a winner might potentially get 25% or under of the vote.

If voters chose to push Newsom out the door, it would mean the second successful recall in California.

California voters have recalled Democratic Governor Gray Davis in 2003 and elected Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger in his place.

This was also the last time the Republicans secured a victory in a California state race, according to the AP. The recall election is scheduled to happen on Sept. 14.

Author: Scott Dowdy