Spy-Loving Democrat Cowers As Rand Paul Delivers Heat

Eric Swalwell’s Chinese spy connections have been ignored by the left. His relationship with Christine Fang was so solid that the FBI got involved.

Fang has been outed as a CCP spy who targeted up-and-comer politicians. She used networking, fundraising and sex control political leaders. Swalwell’s connection to her is hotly debated. Initial reports said his connection was very significant. Even enough to have been “compromised.”

Eric Swalwell also happens to be on the House Intel. Committee. He has access to highly secured sensitive data that even other Congressmen don’t have. But this moron was sleeping with a CCP agent. Who is to say what was said during pillow-talk or if she influenced him.

Numerous politicians have called on Swalwell to be ousted from his post. But Rand Paul goes even further by bringing up Swalwell’s Russian collusion supporting past.. saying  on Wednesday that Swalwell should be “ashamed”, “red-faced” and should resign. Noting the hypocrisy of Swalwell’s hypocrisy as “appalling”.

Imagine in the 1950s if an intel-empowered congressman was found to be sleeping with a Soviet spy. That would be almost instant jail-time. Or at the very least, put under investigation and watched very closely.

Yet Republican are supposed to ignore Swalwell’s years long relationship with a CCP spy? Mr. Swalwell severely compromised our nation and government’s security.

The Democrats’ double standard is beyond incredible. Swalwell targeted the President over alleged spy connections, but wants to get away for doing exactly what he accused the President of. Democratic leaders have issued no response to any of this. But the truth is clear, the one solution to fix this is for Swalwell to resign.