Soros Steps In To Support Dave Chappell’s Far-Left Attacker

The man who assaulted comedian Dave Chappelle last month will not face felony charges from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

The Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office announced that it had reviewed security video and interviewed witnesses, but was unable to do so beyond a reasonable doubt that the man accused as Isiah Lee had committed a felony.

The attacker is still in jail, awaiting trial, and his bail was set at $30,000. Some critics believe this decision by the “Soros-back” DA will encourage future offenses like this one.

Lee had a replica gun with a knife hidden inside, so the initial arrest also featured assault with a deadly weapon. Not only this, but Lee also seems to have a Spotify profile with a song that is dedicated to Chappelle, in which he talks about the Hollywood Bowl, the place where the attack happened.

From all of the public evidence, this assault appears to be preplanned. As Lee had a long history of animosity towards the comedian.

During the Netflix Is A Joke comedy festival, Lee charged at Chappelle on stage, according to reports. The assailant sat in the front row and attacked Chappelle during his sketch before being subdued by security.

But regardless of all those facts, the Soros-connected LA district concluded:

“After studying the facts, prosecutors determined that while criminal behavior occurred, the evidence as presented did not rise to the level of felony conduct.”

This is yet another controversial choice made by Soros-backed district attorney George Gascon, who many have accused of having political and ideological biases. Instead of passing the case on to the city attorney, Gascon instructed him to file a misdemeanor charge against Lee.

Once again, such leniency provides a frightening precedent while also enticing repeat offenders, according to those familiar with the situation.

The decision arrives at a time when the relationship between the Los Angeles Police Department and Los Angeles County District Attorney is growing more contentious. Gascon has been labeled “too relaxing” on crime since taking office, according to one report.

Gascon oversaw the release of a group of African-Americans arrested for robbery in December 2021, and California’s district attorney called for the state to abandon capital punishment for murder at the start of 2022.

Author: Scott Dowdy