Shocker: White House Caught Spreading Covid-19

Last month, the Gridiron Dinner became a major spreader for COVID.

When they had the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner on Saturday, Trevor Noah — who was the star attraction — made a crack that this would be the next big spreader.

He also made a joke about Dr. Anthony Fauci skipping the event because of the virus, then Fauci attended a crowded pre-dinner party without a mask despite his claims, so I’m not sure it was much of a difference.

We came across one Washington Post writer who described it as a “nightmare” during the dinner, with people crammed in tight together. And you had individuals measuring CO2 levels and stating there was very poor filtration. While the White House has maintained that individuals should cover their faces on planes, despite the fact that they are very filtered, it appeared as though virtually no of the attendees were wearing masks at the badly filtered WHCD, including Joe Biden.

It is perhaps no surprise, then, that word has started to spread about attendees at the dinner catching the virus, including Jada Yuan, a White House reporter who decried the fact that guests were all crammed together.

Jonathan Karl, of ABC News, has also tested positive. He was given an award for his Jan. 6 reporting.

Karl claimed that President Donald Trump urged “a furious mob to confront members of Congress.” That isn’t what happened, according to Trump; he simply asked people to act “peacefully and patriotically.” So much for Karl’s colleague’s claim that his work didn’t produce any “false notes.” That’s exactly what they were honored for.

At the dinner, Karl shook hands with Joe Biden and hugged numerous individuals.

Several other journalists, including Steven Herman of the VOA and Julia Ioffe, also tested positive for COVID after the dinner.

As did Anthony Blinken, the secretary of state. He too was present at the dinner.

This goes to show that Democrats will always find a way to make themselves look like morons, hypocrites, and frauds at the same time.

Author: Scott Dowdy