Sheriffs Make Biden Public Enemy #1 – Prepare To Bring Him Down

By now, we all know about the disaster that is the Biden administration’s border policy. Joe Biden and his far-left advisors have been pushing an agenda that puts illegal aliens first and Americans last.

You probably know that he removed Donald Trump’s rules that kept the border safe. But his deliberate attempts to weaken the border went much further than that. From all appearances, Joe wants this country overrun with migrants.

In addition to allowing hundreds of thousands of aliens rush the border, he has made it nearly impossible for ICE to properly do its job. Not only has Biden crippled Border Patrol, but ICE can no longer deport aliens—even those that have been convicted of crimes.

Many are wondering just why Joe is ignoring the safety and well-being of Americans. So, a team of Texas sheriffs—and ICE officers—is fighting back.

Sheriffs from the border counties of Kinney, Edwards, McMullen, and Hudspeth in Texas along with an association of ICE officers accused the Biden administration of violating federal immigration law with its restrictions on ICE operations…

The lawsuit states that the Biden administration’s action has blocked ICE agents from taking into custody illegal immigrants accused of crimes such as human trafficking and drug smuggling.

“Since the issuance of the February 18 Memorandum, ICE officers have been unable to take custody of, or issue detainer requests for, dangerous criminal aliens whose detention is mandated by the [Immigration and Nationality Act]. Specifically, detention is required for aliens who have committed or been convicted of numerous crimes other than aggravated felonies, such as: crimes of moral turpitude, crimes involving controlled substances, human trafficking, money laundering, and certain firearm offenses,” the lawsuit states. [Source: Daily Wire]

According to the lawsuit, Biden is preventing ICE from apprehending and deporting aliens who have been convicted of violence crimes as well as drug smuggling and human trafficking. You might be wondering why Biden would prevent these obviously hardened criminals from facing punishment.

Maybe you thought Joe was just trying to protect illegals immigrant families, who just came here for a better life.

Well, they are breaking the law too, but ICE has always prioritized dangerous criminals. Yet Joe Biden is hindering their work with his February 18th memo.

Clearly, Biden doesn’t want any immigrants deported. The reasoning is complicated, but certainly ridiculous.

Trump was a strong advocate for protecting our borders. Under him, ICE deported many violent criminals and prevented thousands of migrants from marching into the U.S. As we’ve seen for months, Biden just does the opposite of Trump, to appease the liberal media.

But worse than that, Biden is doing the bidding of the far-left, who want the country flooded with illegals.

The worse our economy, crime rates, and communities get, the easier it is for socialists to take over. It’s the safe reason Democrat cities let the homeless building shanty towns right in the middle of their commercial districts. The worse they can make America, the more they can profit.

Biden is simply a puppet for the progressive left. He is letting migrants trample our border and national security, all so Democrats can gain more power.

Hopefully, this lawsuit will freeze his plans in their tracks.

Author: Tim Smith