Sex Scandal Tears CNN Apart, Top Executive Shamefully Resigns

Jeff Zucker, the liberal extremist responsible for ruining CNN’s ratings and credibility, resigned in disgrace this Wednesday after admitting an inappropriate relationship with his subordinate.

The announcement was issued by CNN’s Brian Stelter, an anti-white conspiracy theorist and liar. Here is the important part of the disgraced Zucker’s comment…

“As part of the official investigation into Chris Cuomo’s time at CNN, I was questioned about a relationship with my coworker, someone I have known for over 20 years. I acknowledged the relationship. I was required to disclose when it started but I did not. I was wrong. Because of this, I am resigning today.”

According to CNN, Zucker’s relationship was with Allison Gollust, the CNN top marketing officer. She will remain at CNN and release a comment of her own:

“Jeff Zucker and I have been professional partners and close friends for 20 years. Recently, our relationship became something else during COVID. I regret that we did not disclose it. I am very proud of my time at CNN and look forward to more great work that we do each day.”

Zucker became the CNN chief back in 2013 and quickly took the once-respected news outlet into the gutter by moving the network to the far left, which included the using of countless conspiracy theories and misinformation: the Covington Kids, the Russia Collusion Hoax, “Hands Up; Don’t Shoot,” among many others.

Even more disturbing is how Zucker changed CNN into an anti-white media outlet that openly embraced violence against conservatives and encouraged riots aimed at white people.

When it comes to credibility, the results were terrible. For ratings, after an anti-Trump sugar high, CNN saw its viewership go down by 90 percent or more to humiliating levels that would have looked impossible pre-Zucker. Right now, CNN’s primetime averages only get over 500,000 viewers.

This is only the latest in a litany of shocking sex scandals to hit the basement-rated news outlet. Before he was fired, Chris Cuomo admitted to touching a colleague’s butt. And CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin was seen masturbating on a group Zoom call. CNN suspended him but then strangely allowed him to come back. Two CNN producers are also implicated in sex crimes against children.

Author: Steven Sinclaire