Senator Johnson Finally Admits The Truth About Capitol Hill

Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) has said the people who pushed into the Capitol building in January were fake Trump supporters.

During a hearing on Tuesday, Johnson read an article from The Federalist, which revealed a personal account of the attack.

“For a few moments, I saw what looked like police tussling with marchers, what looked like an organized group. This group, I would call normal clothes militants. They blend in with MAGA people,” Johnson said.

Johnson took note of the eyewitness recounts of the event, which described the crowd going to the Capitol as largely festive. He said the eyewitnesses had identified four groups of people who did not fit with everyone else, including plain clothes militants and fake MAGA supporters.

“Suddenly, there was a surge from the front as police on the platform tensed up. Tear gas was fired, not at the militants, which were in the front of the crowd, but into the MAGA crowd,” Johnson stated. “Flash grenades then went off in the crowd.”

Johnson then finished by saying he does not think the incident was ever predictable.