Sen Graham Slams Failed Biden Presidency, Warns of Major Danger to Country

Last week, Democrats in Washington wouldn’t stop talking about the “anniversary” of the January 6th Capitol riot. Even though most Americans have long forgotten about this thing, leftists are trying to exploit it as much as they can. Pelosi is still running her bogus “commission,” thinking she can find evidence to prove Trump was behind it. And Sleepy Joe Biden gave a bland speech, trying to muster up fear and panic over claims that Trump supporters are villains and “insurrectionists.”

If you were to believe these Democrats, you’d think that a group of idiotic people running around the Capitol Building was actually going to do something. And they want you to think that honest, hard-working conservatives around the country are secretly going to try to overthrow the government in the future—especially if Trump is elected again in a fair and open election.

But Lindsey Graham has a very different take. And he’s saying the real danger to our country has nothing to do with January 6th.

While Graham describes the attack on the U.S. Capitol as a “dark day” and said those involved “need to be punished,” he feels that Trump should not be blamed for the events that day…

Graham described Biden’s speech as “an effort on his part to create a brazen political moment, to try to deflect from their failed presidency.”

He warned that the actions of these elected Democrats have put America in “the most dangerous times since the late ’30s,” when the world faced the Great Depression and serious rising threats abroad. [Source: Just the News]

The Republican senator rejected the left’s narrative over January 6th. Instead, he warned that the real threat to our country is the left’s “failed radical agenda.” He blasted Biden and other Democrats for trying to push a “brazen political movement,” using the events of January 6 as justification for a massive transformation of our elections.

Graham went on to say all this talk of January 6 is just a way to distract from Biden’s failed presidency and the collapse of the Democrat-run Congress. Biden is the biggest failure we’ve seen in the White House since Jimmy Carter. Worse even. And Democrats in D.C. are tearing each other apart as an internal conflict between progressives and moderates blows up into a public civil war.

The real danger our democracy faces is not from a few people who ran around the Capitol Building. It’s coming from a group of power-hungry career politicians, who would seek to transform the United States into a new Soviet Union. The left’s radical agenda is just more socialism, which would bankrupt our country, spread poverty, and give elected officials total control of our society.

And their changes to our elections would ensure there wouldn’t be a fair election held in this country ever again.

Do you want the likes of Joe Biden—a man totally unqualified for his job—to keep running this country? Do you want more inflation, endless illegal aliens, no jobs, and crippling welfare to be the norm? Then keep voting for these leftists. But if you agree with Lindsey Graham that the real danger is an unhinged Democrat Party, then we need to rush to the polls next November.

Author: Bill Addams