‘Secret Society’ Of Biden Staffers Rally Against The President

With so much talk going on about Afghanistan, it’s easy to forget that another major crisis has been going on just South of us. Thanks to Joe Biden, our Southern border has been overrun by migrants since January.

Some predict over one million will bombard our border this year. Our border agents and immigration courts are overwhelmed. The administration has no place to put the hundreds of thousands of strangers trying to invade our land.

This is all because Biden eliminated key policies Trump created to bring our border under control. Even as the situation got worse and worse, he didn’t lift a finger to address it. We have no choice but to conclude he wanted the crisis, to perhaps import more voters for the Democratic Party.

The Supreme Court stepped in, ruling that Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy must be reinstated. This will have a tremendous impact on the border. And, according to reports, Biden’s own staff are relieved.

The New York Times reported Monday that Biden administration officials, struggling with how to stem the endless flow of migrants at the United States-Mexico border, were “relieved” when courts refused to allow the administration to unilaterally rescind Trump’s policy.

“Concern had already been building inside the Biden administration that the speed of its immigration changes may have encouraged migrants to stream toward the United States, current and former officials” told the outlet…

“In fact, some Biden officials were already talking about reviving Mr. Trump’s policy in a limited way to deter migration… Then the Supreme Court order came, providing the Biden administration with the political cover to adopt the policy in some form without provoking as much ire from Democrats who reviled Mr. Trump’s border policies.” [Source: Daily Wire]

These Biden officials knew that without the “Remain in Mexico” policy, our border would never get back under control. The Supreme Court gave them an out. They can regain order down South, without taking heat from their radical supporters.

“Remain in Mexico” wasn’t the only policy Biden ended that triggered the migrant flood. But it is a key one that can end the crisis. If illegal aliens know they won’t be released into the United States when caught, they are less likely to risk the journey to our border.

Those who do will be forced to wait in Mexico, ensuring that they will not be rewarded for breaking our laws. Since most of these asylum claims are denied, it will be easy to send them home. After all, they aren’t being deported, just turned away.

It’s ludicrous to think that Biden isn’t willing to put American lives and communities ahead of thousands of invaders. The evidence speaks for itself. Uncheck migration is devastating to a country. Putting aside fears of drug cartels and terrorists, the thousands of people flooding our country need housing, clothing, food, jobs, and health care.

Is Biden going to pay for all of this out of his pocket? Of course, not. The burden will fall to hard-working Americans, who will be forced to pay taxes to support thousands of strangers. That is, if they can still keep their jobs.

All of this is because Biden refuses to be compare to Trump, who took a bold stance against illegal immigration. Biden is tied by the radical, unrealistic views of his party and his crooked desire to import more voters for them.

But clearly, this is a plan that is doomed to fail.

Author: Joe Graham