‘Screaming match’ Breaks Out On House Floor — You Won’t Believe Why

Image Source: Business Insider

A “screaming match” has allegedly happened on Capitol Hill after newly elected Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene refused to wear a face mask.

Journalist Jake Sherman from Punchbowl News tweeted Sunday:

The 117th Congress gathered this Sunday to swear in new members and vote on Nancy Pelosi’s speakership.

There was no video of the alleged “screaming match,” but Greene responded to Sherman’s tweets with a great comeback and photo:

A spokesperson for Greene has issued an official response to the Washington Examiner that “no such ‘screaming match’ took place when Rep. Greene was there” restating that the argument was between “the floor staff of both parties.”

Greene then went for a Democratic congresswoman who will reportedly be present for Pelosi’s speakership vote, even though they said on Dec. 28 that she was positive for coronavirus. Then slammed Democrats for rigid lockdowns that have destroyed businesses. 

Greene’s spokesperson went on: “Rep. Greene did not have a mask because the rules have not been made official yet and Nancy Pelosi is changing the rules to allow coronavirus positive DNC members vote. Rep. Greene is not COVID positive, but Congresswoman Pelosi is bringing in coronavirus positive people just so she can cling to power.”

Greene is a very strong supporter of President Donald Trump and has promised to not “certify a stolen election” as the President continues to fight the election of Nov. 3.