SCOTUS Drops The Hammer On Biden’s Anti-American Agenda

In all the chaos surrounding Afghanistan, it’s easy to forget that Biden is already responsible for numerous crises back home.

Joe tanked our energy dominance by banning drilling on federal land. Biden created an economic crisis by contributing to rising inflation and a workers shortage. Even now, his VP is urging Americans to buy Christmas presents early, because she can’t guarantee anything will be in stock by December.

But the worst crisis of all was the one Biden created intentionally when he dropped all of Trump’s border policies. Biden’s horrible immigration policies have been challenged again and again in court. And while the crisis continues, major wins have offered a glimmer of hope.

Now, the Supreme Court just gave us another win.

The Supreme Court upheld a lower court’s ruling to order the Biden administration to continue the “Remain in Mexico” policy implemented by the Trump administration.

The court said it was likely the Biden administration violated federal law in rescinding Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which kept immigrants seeking asylum on the Mexico side of the southern border. The three liberal justices dissented, the Associated Press reported.

A Texas federal judge, who ordered the policy be reinstated last week, and the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied the Biden administration’s request to put the ruling on hold. [Source: Just the News]

The Supreme Court is ordering the Biden administration to reinstate the “Remain in Mexico” policy. This comes as other key border failures by the administration have been overturned by courts. But this could be the big one.

The Remain in Mexico policy required migrants seeking asylum to wait in Mexico until their cases are heard by the immigration court. Biden dropped this policy, unlawfully, so that illegals would be allowed to stay in America. This created the “catch-and-release” policy, which resulted in thousands of illegal aliens never returning for their court dates.

Being required to stay in Mexico causes a chain reaction of effects. First, it discourages migrants from trying to illegally cross the border. If they know they’ll just be sent back to Mexico, they are less likely to try it (since it won’t earn them anything). Also, it ends “catch-and-release” since asylum seekers won’t be allowed into the country.

This should have a dramatic change on the ongoing crisis at the border. Migrants no longer have an incentive to bombard our border. If they know they will have to wait in Mexico, many from other countries won’t even bother to try. Others might be encouraged to apply legally, rather than risk a criminal act.

Other court rulings have shot down Biden’s toxic plans. A federal court blocked his deportation freeze of criminal aliens. Another will require the administration to detain criminal aliens who have been transferred by local police (Biden was just letting them go).

But it remains to be seen how or when the border will get under control. Rest assure, Biden will find a new way to undermine our immigration laws.

Author: Sam Graham