SCOTUS Delivers Massive Victory To Christians

With a 6-3 ruling, SCOTUS issued a temporary injunction in favor of a church in Colorado after a long fight against Governor Jared Polis and his restrictions on church attendance.

The court used a decision in New York where Andrew Cuomo was sued over his coronavirus restrictions and lost due to his orders violating the First Amendment.

This shows the doors are open nationwide for churches to choose their own pandemic policies.

The media has been quick to examine the ruling. With Washington Examiner reporting on why three justices dissented. Their reasoning was that the state had already lifted its church limitations. And that since the Cuomo case was the reason for the win, with more cases being decided elsewhere, there is no reason to think the case could come up again.

And with CNN noting the importance of Amy Coney Barrett. Saying that before her, John Roberts took the side of the liberal justices in these types of cases. With Justice Barrett, conservatives now have a solid 6-3 lead.

But what is really disturbing is that officials, at a moments notice, violated citizens’ religious beliefs and took the liberty of the people. All in the name of “public health.” And SCOTUS was forced into defending our most inalienable rights against this attack says a bunch about the current freedom in the U.S. and why staying aware during the next four years will be so crucial.