Schumer Openly Plots Hostile Takeover

Democrat lawmakers have put forward the H.R.1 bill to the Senate this week while getting ready for the uphill battle the bill faces. While speaking with reporters this week, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) stated that “everything is on the table” under the smokescreen of increasing voting rights.

Republicans have stated that H.R.1 would allow illegal voting to help candidates with mail-in ballots. The bill would not force people to show ID to vote in elections. Regardless, Schumer said the bill would help Americans.

“We are beginning to stand up to the despicable acts of suppression in many states,” said the lawmaker. “We are dedicated to ending dark money that has harmed and corrupted our government for too long.”

The GOP has warned that Democrats want to use what is called the For the People Act to guarantee their current dominance. Meanwhile, the Senate Rules Committee is moving forward with the legislation on March 24.