Sarah Palin Returns To Politics In a Huge Way

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin hinted at a possible Senate bid in the upcoming midterm elections in 2022 to challenge Senator Lisa Murkowski, the Alaska GOP member who was one of a small amount of Republican senators who voted with Democrats to impeach Trump after he left Washington.

Palin said on July 22 that she would run for senator “if God wants me to,” according to footage published by Right Wing Watch, a liberal website.

“I would say you folks better be there this time, because many people were not there the last time,” Palin said, referring to her failed attempt at VP when John McCain was running in 2008

During her interview on stage, Palin stated that “The USA was dedicated to God,” and that it has “charters written about and dedicated to God.”

The former governor was cautious about a “fast shift to the left” that would, she said, lead to the country’s destruction.

“How dare we strip from God what America’s Founders had given to him?” she said. “How dare we attempt to take that back and make it a secular thing?”

After Palin was done with her interview, as the video reveals, Christian leader Cindy Jacobs said a prayer, stating, “But God says, ‘I am forming an army of pastors, intercessors, and leaders that are coming around you.’”

If she does go for a Senate term, Murchowski would not be Palin’s only real challenge.

Palin would be going head to head against Kelly Tshibaka, the former Alaska commissioner who said in March that she would run against Murkowski.

Tshibaka has already gotten Trump’s endorsement.

The former president put out a statement back in June showing his support for Tshibaka.

“Lisa Murkowski is not good for Alaska,” Trump said in the comment.

“Murkowski must go! Kelly Tshibaka is the one who can beat Murkowski. Kelly is a fighter who supports Alaskan values and America First. She is MAGA and strong on the Border and supports our Military and our wonderful Vets.”

“Kelly is a great supporter of gun rights and JOBS! I look forward to helping her in Alaska. She has my Complete Endorsement!”

Author: Blake Ambrose