Rubio Exposes Social Media For Doing China’s Bidding

If you are paying attention to COVID news at all, these days, you’d know a major shift has occurred. Lawmakers, both red and blue, as well as major media outlets are warming up to the evidence that the deadly virus came from the Wuhan lab.

Evidence for this origin has been around for a long time. For years, the U.S. State Department has warned about this lab–both the experiments it was conducting and their poor safety. When the pandemic hit, there was more evidence this virus spread as a result of a lab leak.

But up until recently, you weren’t allowed to talk about it. The narrative was set that this deadly virus came from a bat. Even social media platforms refused to let users talk about the Wuhan lab. Now, Sen. Marco Rubio is calling out these networks–saying they were doing the bidding of our enemy.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) stated that social media companies cracking down on the promotion of the lab leak theory on the origin of COVID-19 is the Chinese government controlling what Americans can say and China controlling American speech is “already happening.”

… “That’s a narrative they continue to push now. … I think we have to accept that that’s already happening. You can’t — there isn’t a single movie studio in Hollywood that can produce a Chinese movie — I mean a movie with a Chinese Communist government bad guy in it. You can’t do it. Because it won’t be distributed in China.” [Source: Breitbart]

Social media sites have been aggressive in controlling content about COVID-19. Even on casual posts that mention the word, several sites put a disclaimer at the bottom with links to “accurate” information.

We’ve never seen supposed neutral platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram try to manipulate content like this before.

Why were these American companies so determined to control the conversation about the pandemic? Was there really any harm if people talked about the possibility of the virus coming from a lab? That surely wasn’t going to jeopardize an Americans’ ability to protect themselves or get vaccinated?

It seems like social media giants were more concerned with protecting China–than helping Americans stay informed.

The knowledge that China manipulated a virus during “gain-of-function” research, then let it loose on the world doesn’t hurt us. It hurts China. If that information spreads, people would demand action against the communist state. Obviously, it was in China’s best interests–not social media–to suppress this news.

So, why would our social sites agree to such censorship? Rubio believes they are willingly stifling American speech to appease China.

These large companies want to do business in China. Facebook, YouTube, and all the others don’t want to get on the Chinese Communist Party’s bad side–or they might get banned in the country. On top of that, many American companies get millions of dollars in investments from Chinese firms.

To keep China happy, they have to dance like little monkeys. The idea of putting American values and users first doesn’t matter, when they can make big bucks off of China’s billions.

It’s a disgusting and un-American situation. And one that might not last much longer. Lawmakers continue to pressure social networks over their censorship. It won’t be long before Congress–or numerous states–passes laws banning all forms of censorship online.

And the more the news spreads that social sites are doing China’s bidding? The more users will ditch them for good.

Author: James Graham