Ron DeSantis Declared A “Nazi” By Far Left Wackos, He Responds With This

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has gotten a lot of media coverage since taking office in 2019. DeSantis is a political figure, both admired and despised, depending on who you ask. A 2024 Pres. frontrunner (second to Pres. Trump), Ron DeSantis is known for standing up for the freedoms of all people in Florida.

DeSantis is also known as a Governor that is for Israel. In fact, DeSantis vowed to be the “Governor in America that is most pro- Israel.” So far, that is what he has done:

DeSantis met with Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu back in 2019 and had a friendly meeting, making it clear that Flordia is committed to Israel. He worked against Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream when they made the decision not to sell their ice cream to Israel. Like Pres. Trump, DeSantis has continually took up for Israel and her needs.

Ron DeSantis continued this trend when he confirmed his commitment to the fight against antisemitism. After a Nazi protest in Florida, this week, many GOP members immediately condemned this protest as being hateful. Ron DeSantis was said to be late to the game when he finally spoke about the matter this week. But when Gov. DeSantis spoke, his feelings on the matter were known. He said:

“What I am going to say is that these people, these Dems. who are using this as some political issue to try to make me look bad as if I had anything to do with that, we aren’t playing that game. 1st of all, state police is going to hold them responsible because of the stuff they were doing on the overpass. So they are going to for sure do that. And that is what they should do. But I am not going to let people try to ruin me that are part of a political party that has built up anti-Semites in the halls of Congress, and with the BDS, that even had some of the people in their party that associated with Farrakhan. No, we are going to make our record in the state of Florida, and what we did, we signed an antisemitism bill that is the strongest in the nation…We have the best relationship between Florida and Israel that we have ever had.”

The Gov. ended his speech by saying: “Florida has got to be, the number one place for Orthodox Jews to come to over the past two years other than Israel.”

Author: Blake Ambrose