Rittenhouse Surprises Everyone With His Comments About BLM

Tucker Carlson has been watching the Rittenhouse trial, talking to Kyle Rittenhouse.

Rittenhouse was ruled not guilty on all five charges. He was overcome with emotions and he even collapsed after the reading of the verdicts.

But I wanted to speak about the clips for the interview that were released because he makes some statements that one could find surprising after what he has been through.

“This case has no connection to race. It never was about race. It had to do with the freedom to defend yourself,” Rittenhouse said.

Rittenhouse then shockingly said he supported BLM. “I support BLM,” Rittenhouse said. “I support peaceful demonstrations,” he stated. “I believe there has to be change. There is a lot of misconduct, not just in my case other cases. It is just amazing to see how much one prosecutor can take advantage of someone.”

Now, one could wonder why he would say all of this. He is saying he supports the ideal that he believes people want — which is fair treatment. Because even though he traveled to Kenosha to help defend the city during the BLM riots, he does not know the history of the group and what it is really about. Contrary to the crazy white supremacist he was said to be, he was actually helping BLM people with first aid. This just shows how wrong the liberals are about some “right-wing militia.” If he had been, he would not be making that comment now. While this sounds weird that he would say he supports BLM, given that he was assaulted by BLM supporters, that does not mean he understands the whole anti-white political narrative behind it. He is 18.

Rittenhouse has also gone through an entire year of liberals saying he was a racist or a white supremacist, including President Joe Biden.

Rittenhouse then explained he felt it was the freedom to self-defense that was being put on trial. He said if he ended up convicted that no American would ever protect their life from attackers.

Absolutely, especially when there is video evidence of him getting attacked. Yet, still, the prosecution lied about the case and attempted to deceive the jury. Liberals inside the media are still lying about the case’s facts, as I said yesterday, even after the verdict.

Rittenhouse also shared what it felt like to be attacked.

Author: Steven Sinclaire