Rittenhouse Case Takes Dramatic Turn As “Victim” Admits The Truth

Assistant DA Thomas Binger seemed stunned after an important prosecution witness in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse in Wisconsin, Gaige Grosskreutz, admitted he was only shot after he chased the fleeing teenager and pointed his own weapon at Rittenhouse.

Grosskreutz was hit in the bicep, one of three liberal rioters whom Rittenhouse shot that night.

Rittenhouse, who is a resident of Illinois, was in Wisconsin, working as a lifeguard, and joined with other volunteers in guarding Kenosha businesses during BLM riots.

He also cleaned graffiti from buildings and gave medical aid to protesters, before getting attacked during a riot. In the melee, he fired his AR-15 rifle in what his attorneys said was self-defense, killing two of his attackers and wounding Grosskreutz.

Democrats jumped on the event in order to blame President Trump for the Kenosha riots, which were a serious liability for then-candidate Joe Biden, who would not condemn them for a long time.

Biden said, without evidence, that the 17-year-old Rittenhouse was actually a “white supremacist” — a claim that caused immediate threats of a defamation lawsuit from Rittenhouse’s lawyer.

Rittenhouse is coming under several counts of murder and a weapons charge with a curfew citation.

During cross-examination, defense lawyer Corey Chirafisi stressed that Grosskreutz had lied to police officers about being armed.

The defense lawyer showed Grosskreutz an image from a video of the event, at the moment when his arm was hit by an AR-15 bullet — as he aimed his pistol at Rittenhouse.

“It wasn’t until you aimed your gun at him, moved toward him, with your gun — now your hand’s down — pointed right at him, that — that he fired, right?” Chirafisi asked.

Grosskreutz responded: “Right.”

At this point, Rittenhouse, watching this exchange, seemed to be in relief. The prosecutor, Assistant DA Binger, rested his forehead on his left hand, as he composed a phone message with his right.

The defense ended its cross-examination when Grosskreutz admitted he never attempted to talk to Rittenhouse to stop the violence.

Some observers said that the defense should immediately ask for a directed verdict — essentially, requesting that the judge acquit Rittenhouse on the spot, on the grounds of the shooting being in self-defense.

Questions still remain about the firearms charge, though Kyle Rittenhouse’s attorneys have said he obtained his gun legally.

Last year, Facebook stopped users from defending Kyle Rittenhouse on its platform, calling the event a “mass murder,” thus claiming Rittenhouse was guilty. Twitter locked the account of a lawyer for Rittenhouse, and a police officer was fired for donating to Rittenhouse’s defense.

Author: Scott Dowdy