Rising GOP Star Tumbles Back Down To Earth

There are few things that get conservatives riled up these days. They include gun control, pro-choice policy, higher taxes, and changes at the border. But one thing that really seems to get conservatives’ goat is support for transgenderism.

So-called transgender Americans make up less than one percent of the population. Yet the “woke” left has propped up this group at the latest—and trendiest—minority that deserves special treatment and attention. And that has had devastating effects on organized sports, as transgender female athletes (former men) compete against biological women.

It’s clear the Democrats don’t care one bit about women’s rights, or else they’d oppose such a bizarre and lopsided arrangement. But if you’re a man who claims to be a woman, Democrats will support your attempts to destroy women at any competitive event. Obviously, conservatives have opposed this non-sense, especially in schools and colleges.

Some states have pushed bills that prevent transgender women from competing against biological women. Conservative South Dakota was poised to pass their own. That is, until once-celebrated Republican Gov. Kristi Noem stepped in. Now, the woman’s future prospects are in jeopardy.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, a rising superstar whose defiant response to COVID-19 made her an early contender for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, is facing sudden turbulence as she holds off signing a controversial transgender sports bill passed by the South Dakota legislature…

At issue is South Dakota House Bill 1217, which sought to draw clear lines between male and female sports leagues and prevent transgender athletes from choosing teams based on their own internal sense of identity. Critics have argued that young female athletes in particular would face significant disadvantages if they are forced to compete against opponents who identify as women yet retain competitively decisive male physical advantages…

Noem, however, refused to sign it, claiming in a Twitter thread last week that the bill contained “vague and overly broad language [that] could have significant unintended consequences.” [Source: Just the News]

Noem made questionable claims when she rejected the bill, saying it was “overly broad” and would create an “administrative burden” on schools. How is preventing biological men from competing with biological women “overly broad”? How hard is it for a school to require such a basic rule, and enforce it with simple steps?

It sounds like Noem is inventing excuses for rejecting this bill. By way of compromise, she is asking the state House to make changes to the bill, since she is too scared to out-right veto it.

But the changes are unacceptable, including exempting colleges and dropping a requirement that forbids “performance-enhancing drugs.”

Many at attacking the once-beloved conservative for caving to the NCAA. It seems the governor is more concerned with lawsuits from the radical left, than protecting women’s rights. Her actions are being perceived as pro-transgenderism, a major blow to her future prospects within the GOP.

Some even floated her as a possible 2024 presidential candidate. She was beloved for her refusal to lockdown her state during the COVID panic. But this sudden and unusual refusal to protect women’s sports has struck a nerve among conservatives.

And Noem’s star might be crashing, fast.